Why Not Add a Pet Door When Rescreening?

While people love and enjoy their pets, they are a lot of responsibility. Anything which can ease that responsibility and still offer a pet the option of going outdoors is terrific. A pet door in the lanai gives pets the joy of being protected, and able to go out and do their business, yet frees the pet owner from having to be their doorman continually.

We want to protect our pets but let them enjoy nature, too.

We want to protect our pets but let them enjoy nature, too.

There is also no doubt that adding a pet door to the wall of a home can create issues. Many homeowners feel that a hole in the wall is permanent, with quite a lot of reconstruction necessary should a new owner decide they don’t want a giant hole in their home. It can also create a mess right in the home should the pet let itself into the house during wet or muddy weather.


A perfect alternative to minor demolition of a house wall is to add a pet door to a lanai rescreening project. Pets love screened-in porches because they can see and enjoy the great outdoors within the comfortable confines of the porch. If the screen has a pet door, it gives pets autonomy and lessens the chances of accidents. A pet is safe, and, should it rain or become muddy, it’s easier to dry a wet pet on the porch before they enter the house than it is to chase them through the home trying to keep them from spreading mud on carpets and furniture.


As a bonus, the pet door can be closed when necessary, which will keep pets in when the homeowner chooses and keeps other critters out should they happen to appear in the yard.

A screened in porch with a pet door gives animals the means to enter and leave without having to scratch on the entry door, which protects it from damage. Because the door doesn’t have to be opened every time the pets want in or out of the house, there are fewer opportunities for flying insects to enter the living spaces.

Quality of life

Home improvements which increase the quality of life to the home’s residents are always welcome. When these improvements have the bonus of creating less work for the homeowner, including less mess in the house and more autonomy for the pet, the upgrade or repair is highly worthy of consideration. When you decide to rescreen your porch or lanai, why not add a pet door? This relatively small expense can add years of convenience, security, and autonomy for both you and your pet.

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