The Benefits of a Screened in Porch or Lanai

When we think of a screened-in area, whether it is a porch or lanai, one or two apparent benefits come to mind. But, all of the advantages which come with screening an area or repairing existing screens aren't always readily apparent.

Today we're going to talk about some of the benefits provided by a screened-in area.



Screens keep bugs out! If anyone wonders how smart these little devils can be, it only takes one tear in a screen to have them swarming all over you or your food. Being annoyed by bugs is one thing every family can live happily without. Pets are happier when fleas or ticks don't annoy them.

If you have low-quality screening material which allows the no-see-ums to get through, it's a worthwhile option to get a better quality screen when it's time to rescreen, especially if you have family members who have an allergic reaction to the bites.


Screens don't just keep out the bugs. They keep out leaves and other small debris, as well. A screened-in porch is also cleaner than one which isn't, because not as many particles can get in, adding to the comfort. If the screened area is a pool, the pool will stay cleaner and be easier to maintain as a result. It's something to keep in mind.


The barrier provided by a screen not only helps keep prying eyes out but will also prevent someone from having ready access to your pool or patio area. Being outdoors doesn't mean you want to share your space.


Not only will a screened-in area keep people and animals out, but it will also keep little people and pets in when they're on a screened-in porch when we want them to be safe, but still enjoy being out of doors. It's the perfect compromise because they can have both.

Pet safety

As we mentioned in our last blog, pets love the freedom a screened-in porch offers, since they can enjoy the outdoors without the inherent hazards of being outside of a safety zone. The same screening which keeps pets in also keeps the things which can harm our pets out, including toxins, diseases, traffic, and insects.

If you're considering rescreening your lanai or patio enclosure, give us a call. The benefits are well worth the investment, and we offer free estimates.

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