Considerations for Adding a Kickplate to Your Screened-in Patio

Once a homeowner pays for a screened-in patio, they are understandably reluctant to allow it to become damaged. Damage frequently occurs at the bottom of the screened-in area and is often the result of specific mishaps.

What is a kick plate?


A kick plate is a thin, durable strip of aluminum which can be attached to the bottom of the screen.  Eight to sixteen inches in height, a kick plate is added to the circumference of the screened-in area at the bottom for protection. A kick plate can be handy for those circumstances in which the bottom of the screen is likely to receive abuse. Here are some of the more common causes of screen damage: 


When a homeowner has children, the children are likely to have tools and toys which can cause damage to the bottom screen. These include a stroller, trucks, cars, and other wheeled toys, a walker, and more. These are all items which can damage the bottom of a screened-in patio. Since children don’t always realize the potential for damage, it’s easier to stop a child who is hurling himself across the floor with the addition of a kick plate than it is to make a one-year-old understand.


Pets can also be a source of damage if they’re prone to scratching, playing with one another, and leaning, scratching, or resting against the side of the screening. 

Mowing or landscape care on the other side of the screened-in patio or lanai tends to throw small rocks, grass, and other debris into the screen. A kick plate prevents this debris from damaging or dirtying the screen.

Wind and water

Wind can blow leaves and other debris up against a screened-in patio or lanai. The process of raking can sometimes damage screens which aren’t protected by a kickplate. Why take the risk?

Water from rain, roof drainage, or the sprinkler system can damage the flooring or furniture of a screened-in porch. A kick plate prevents splashing mud or water from any source coming into the patio and creating a wet mess.

Once a homeowner spends the money to screen or rescreen a lanai or patio, adding a kick plate for protection makes an enormous amount of sense. Kick plates are attractive, durable, affordable, and convenient.  These considerations make a kick plate well worth the additional investment into his lanai. 

If you are considering rescreening a patio or lanai, why not give some thought to adding a kickplate, as well? We offer free estimates and can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect size of kick plate for your situation.

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