Outdoor Hurricane Preparations

As Dorion makes its way toward Florida, people are making preparations. One of the ways some of our customers prepare their lanai for bad weather is by adding hurricane cables. Hurricane cables protect a lanai from hurricane or wind damage. 

Each situation is different, but we encourage homeowners to be prepared for the worst by considering hurricane cables as part of their lanai rescreening process. Here are some other things a homeowner can do outdoors to minimize storm damage:

Outdoor furniture


Outdoor furniture can become dangerous projectiles in high winds: not just furniture, but any lawn decoration items, umbrellas, potted plants, etc. If the wind can use it as a weapon, don’t leave it out.

Landscape material

Dead or dying tree branches are another potential hazard. Any weak limbs have a likelihood of breaking off in high winds. Remove them and haul them away. 

Wood chips are a better option than rock, for example, due to the propensity for such materials to be thrown in high winds.


Any pool equipment, chemicals, toys, or other items which can be blown away should be secured someplace safe. Also, if the pool is in an unprotected area, the motor should be shut off and not turned on until the storm is over. Any debris which makes its way into the pool will damage the system if it gets into the filter system. By leaving the pump motor off, nothing has the potential to get sucked in.

Doors and windows

Windows should have storm shutters, except for sliding glass doors. Have plywood fitted and ready for all unprotected windows and glass doors. Other entries should be hurricane-proof, even the garage door. 

Other preparations 

Have plastic sheeting, plywood, and tools on hand in the event they become necessary. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date and that you have a complete and current inventory of your belongings. Have an evacuation plan. Then get more detailed by doing things such as having emergency supplies on hand.

In all likelihood, Dorion won’t cause us much trouble. However, it is much easier to have a plan in place and not need it than it is to be caught unprepared. If your lanai is unprotected, we can install hurricane cables. We hope you will keep it in mind long after Dorian has passed.