How to Determine if Your Lanai Screens Need Replacement

When a lanai started to show signs of wear or damage, the homeowner has to decide a course of action. The decision should reflect not only the repair needs but the future needs and cost of various options. Today we’re going to look at some of the indicators which can help determine whether screen repair or replacement is a better option.



The quality of the screen when it is newly installed can help determine the longevity of screen material respective of other issues. If, for example, polyester or fiberglass mesh was chosen during the initial installation, it will last longer than the cheap stuff. Not only will it look more beautiful, but it also won’t have to be replaced as often. If a buyer purchases a home and is uncertain of the material or age, other factors will have to be taken into account to determine the need to repair or replace the screens.


Some damage, such as an accidental tear, only require that the section can be repaired without undertaking a complete rescreen. However, if the rip is along the edge of the screen by the frame, it is far more likely that the situation is more serious. That is the type of damage more commonly seen in screens which have started to deteriorate. The homeowner should examine the condition of the screen to determine if it was a one-off or if age-induced rot is the culprit.

Other types of non-tear damage, such as sun exposure, algae, and pool chemical damage, will also have to be evaluated to determine if it’s time for a complete rescreen. The position of the lanai in relation to the sun and surrounding trees and other forms of shade will also affect the longevity of screen material.


Discoloration can also be a sign of age-related fatigue to the screen. Not all discoloration is caused by age. However, it is one of the indicators a homeowner can use when trying to determine how soon to rescreen.

Missing splines

If the damage is limited to a missing spline, the homeowner may be able to replace it himself, providing he has the spline piece and a spline tool. If more spline is needed, it isn’t expensive, but the diameter has to match the existing channel.


If a homeowner decides replacement of the lanai screen is in order, a professional lanai screen replacement company can produce high-quality results, which will look beautiful and last for years.

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