Adding Plants to Your Lanai


While some families used a screened-in lanai strictly for relaxing and entertainment materials, others want it to be a little closer to nature. Whether it’s plots of soil, pots, or planters, adding plant material to you lanai can bring joy and satisfaction to both the gardener and guests. With a little planning, care, and patience, plants become lush and thrive in the protected enclosure of the lanai.


A little planning goes a long way for lanai plants. When planning for plants in your lanai, there are a few elements a gardener has to keep in mind. First, the screen material will restrain insects from plants. While this is excellent in terms of invading insects, it’s a negative if the homeowner invests in edible plant material which can sometimes rely heavily on the presence of wind or insects for pollination, An example is tomatoes. For this reason, it makes more sense to leave the vegetable gardening for outside the lanai.



Plants make unique design elements in the room, as they have varying colors and methods of spreading. Intersperse the colors of annuals with the background of green foliage. Those plants which are beautiful but lack height can be enjoyed in plant stands, tall pots, hanging pots or even well-placed trellises. Bringing plant material up to high levels, especially eye level, creates a lush look.

Choose plants with a variety of foliage, as well, including shiny, feathery, broad-leafed, trailing, and upright. Whatever you choose, remember that repeating patterns of plants add symmetry, and lack of repetition adds variety. A little of both creates balance.



Plants will need to be watered regularly, either by hand or with an irrigation system. Drip systems are popular methods of keeping plant material thriving. They can be easily automated, as well.

A good fertilizer applied regularly will keep plants healthy and looking lush. That lushness will also create the need for some cutting back in some cases, especially if the gardener has created plantings which are close together.

Lanai screens will eliminate most of the dangers which can affect plants, such as bad weather and insects but keep an eye out for invaders. Adding new plants can sometimes introduce unwanted insects.


The screened in lanai is an excellent place to enjoy the beauty and soothing effect of plant material. The protective properties offered by the lanai create an environment in which both plants and people can thrive. If your lanai needs to be repaired or rescreened, why not schedule an appointment today?

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