Lanais Add Living Space


Whether a homeowner believes that a lanai brings the indoors to the outdoors, or the outdoors to the indoors, one thing is sure: a lanai adds valuable living space to a property. This means that the direction the lanai faces is obviously of some importance since a west-facing lanai is going to offer a lot more sun than the average homeowner can tolerate in the afternoons without adding heavy shading to keep the sun out. Even then, it may be a problem.

But the offerings of a lanai or many. Here we talk about some of the things which make a lanai awesome.

Fresh air

In this world of fabricated products, outgassing, and dust mites, fresh air is enormously welcome for a change. Not only is the air fresh, but, if the pool is in the lanai, will also be free from leaves, twigs, and small pests.

Daily enjoyment

The well-placed lanai can be enjoyed daily. Many people partake a good number of their meals in the lanai, since it offers the option of outdoor enjoyment with the comfort of shade and bug-free dining.


There are plenty of options when it comes to lanais, regardless of their location. Some lanais are free standing screened frames, and others are attached to the house. Both offer an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Some have a pool or plants within them, and others have kitchen facilities, lounge furniture, and more.

Optimizing comfort

Fans, heaters, and other forms of comfort control can make the area excellent. Lighting is another way to beautify and utilize a lanai, and hugely dependent on the whims and dreams of the homeowner.


Whether the family uses the lanai as a place to enjoy meals, to relax and swim, or even as a place to sleep, accessories should be chosen with their leanings in mind. There is a great deal of security associated with a lanai, which offers great peace of mind to those who want to relax.

Keeping the lanai in good shape is paramount to the enjoyment of it. If the screens or frames are in a poor way, it will detract significantly from the safety and enjoyment of the living space. That’s why screen replacement is an excellent use of resources.

If you’re considering repair or replacement of the screens of your lanai, this is the optimal time to do that, before summer swimming and mosquito season is in full swing.

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