Screen Ambiance


One of the most critical values of a lanai, screened porch, or patio is the ambiance it creates. Screening an outdoor area enhances the living space by offering several positive enhancements to the screened area. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways screening in an outdoor area will maximize it as a living space for your family.

No bugs invited

Flying, creeping, and crawling insects and other vermin no longer have ready access to a screened area. As a result, meals can be eaten in the area without the need to continually shoo away flies or mosquitoes. Lighting is no longer the focal point for moths. Because we become so acclimated to dealing with bugs, we hardly even notice how annoying they are until we no longer have to manage them continually.

Climate control

Screen material keeps the heat from the sun from becoming overwhelming. At the same time, it allows a breeze to come through and cool the area without the accompanying dirt and debris. This balance can be adjusted further with the use of fans and heaters, providing even better climate control.

Pets and children

Pets and children are safe and under control with the use of a screen barrier, which can either protect children from entering the pool area or keep them on the patio in the event of rain. This control also extends to pets. One of the features of a screened area can be a pet door, which allows pet access or confinement at the discretion of the homeowner.

Living area amenities abound in this screened porch.

Living area amenities abound in this screened porch.


Because of the other functions of screen material, furniture, flooring, decorations, and other comforts can be added to the screened area to add to the enjoyment of the area. The combination of all of these factors creates an enormous amount of ambiance in the screened area, making it a valuable living space in a multitude of situations. Dining areas, daybeds, and conversation nooks are not uncommon in screened areas. Amenities such as lighting, electrical appliances, and even plumbing can be added to the area to create even more comfort.

Screened in patios, porches, and lanais are not for everyone. But, for the homeowner who wants additional living space with many true creature comforts, screening in an outdoor living area truly offers a unique and comfortable means with which to enjoy the outdoors with a modicum of protection against the more negative aspects of it.

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