Precision Creates Beautiful Screens

Custom screened lanais, patios, and pool areas add a magnificent ambiance to a home. But, when screens are poorly stretched, painted, or installed, it’s a distraction from an otherwise lovely exterior. If the wrong material is selected, they age quickly and look unsightly. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways a professional can make a screen or re-screen project stand out and makes a home look its best.

The right material

Not all screen material is made equal. What will work in one situation is unsuitable for another situation. Some screen contractors look at the bottom line and think that if a lower-quality material will make that line look better, they’re all in favor. We’d like to think that our customers are smart enough to know that we never choose something cheaper if it’s going to significantly shorten the useful life of that screen. There are cases where paying a little more money will add years of service life to a screen.


The right options

Polyester or fiberglass? What about solar screens? What size of mesh is best? What about powder coating? Screen is a trade of precision. Not only does everything have to be chosen and measured precisely, but it also has to be installed with care. If any of these details are poorly designed or executed, the finished product won’t look its best or do what the homeowner intended.Thus, great care as well as expertise is essential during the process.

Minimal intrusion during installation

Screening or rescreening lanais and porches is not a long term job. In other words, the screen crew needs to go in, complete the project or screen repair with the least amount of fuss, and get out. Disruption of a customer’s life and family has to be kept to a minimum.

Precision finishing

Once the decisions are made and the materials are available, a screen installation or repair should go fast. But, it still takes time. All of these tasks require not only skill and ability but also the commitment to make the job look its best. A screen expert knows what they’re dealing with and how to make it look seamless and natural.

While a great variety of skilled artisans can do many areas of construction, screen projects require a certain level of specific experience. They should be completed by someone who knows what they’re doing because screen work impacts the look of your home. When it’s well done, it’s an art and will make your house beautiful.